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What are the reasons to choose Highland Car Washes fundraising program?

Profit 50% off Sales.

You are selling a service that never expires, not a food product like pizzas, hoagies, or candy that will only be good for so long.

You will be able to raise a considerable amount of money and will be able to give customers their product immediately without having to take orders

Highland Car Wash is a reputable company with long ties to the community.

Your program or organization does not need to put any money down. There is no financial investment.

We have 2 convenient locations in Lancaster County


-  The Highland Car Wash tokens have been a very successful fundraiser for The Justin LeFevre Foundation, they actually sell themselves.  - The Justin LeFevre Foundation

-  We were exceptionally pleased with our Highland Car Wash fundraiser. Offering a non-perishable product boosted our profits and made it possible to meet our goal.  - Parent and Preschool Center at Mellinger Mennonite Church

 -   It's an easy product to sell. The fact that the return is 50% is nice, it makes it worthwhile.  - West Earl Lions Club/Young at Heart Seniors

How Does Highland Car Washes Fund Raising Program Work?

Choose a date you would like to start your fund raising program.

Contact the Highland car wash: or call (717) 299-9274 to set up a meeting to get started.

Have the leaders of your organization meet with the Highland Car Wash to work at a few details and answer any questions you might have. You will also be given the tokens to sell at this time.

Step 4.
Sell, there is no limit on how many tokens your group can sell or how much money you can make.

At the end of your selling period, collect money and unsold tokens form everyone in your organization. Write a check to the Highland Car Wash for 50% of your total sales. Send the check and any unsold tokens to the Highland Car Wash.

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